Eagles Ladies Club Urged To Aquire Land

Minister of Community development and social services Doreen Mwamba says women should steer the country’s economy forward by engaging in thriving productive projects.
She said government has placed premium on agriculture and women cooperatives that ventured into the sector should realign their projects to benefit.
“Let us work together to steer the country’s economy forward collectively assist in reducing the nations high unemployment levels and destitution.
You are further encouraged to speedly embark on land acquisition on which you are going to establish thriving agrarian, livestock and fish farming projects,” Ms Mwamba said.
She said this on Friday night when she officiated at the close of the eagles ladies club governance and leadership workshop.
Ms Mwamba encouraged the women to use skills acquired in finance, leadership and entrepreneurship to engage in highly productive and profitable agri-businesses.
”My advice to you is to ensure that you enhance the club’s various business activities and build your members capacities to engage in economic ventures,” she said.
Eagles ladies club Patron Angela Solochi said the institution wants to work with Government to create business linkages.
Mrs Solochi said the club will continue to hold more training workshops to Keep abreast New business trends.
”We will endeavor to run our units as centres of production to contribute to economic development.
The workshop has set us on a path to enhance productivity, various have been imparted in our members and we shall utilise them fully,” she said.
Mrs Solochi encouraged members of the club to use the skills to make an economic difference and contribute to national development.

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