Muzala Samukonga Promoted To Sergeant

ZAMBIA National Service (ZNS) Commander Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi has
promoted Muzala Samukonga to the rank of sergeant for his splendid performance
displayed during the just ended commonwealth games in Birmingham, England.
Samukonga who broke the national record held by Samuel Matete minted gold in the
400 metres race after he by-passed British runner Hudson Smith who had led for the

greater part of the duel to finish on 44:66 seconds.
Lt Gen Solochi said as he had pledged before the Relay, he was elevating
Samukonga from the rank of corporal to sergeant and converting boxer Patrick
Chinyemba who bagged bronze and Judoka Stephen Mung’andu into private
soldiers awaiting training.

“I spoke with you Samukonga before you left and told you that ‘if you run and come
with a gold medal, I will promote you to the rank of sergeant, now that you have
delivered, let me fulfil my promise.
“From today, you are sergeant; everything has changed including your salary. You
did it and let me have the pleasure of dressing you,” Lt Gen Solochi.
Speaking when he and his Deputy, Major General Rueben Mwewa , was decorating
the gold medallist, Lt Gen Solochi said the elevation of the trio was one way of
appreciating and recognising their hard work.

“We may not give you money or what it takes, but we are proud of you as Zambia
National Service command. The President and Commander in Chief of the Defence
Force is a keen follower of sports and is equally proud of your achievement.
“Don’t be complacent and start feeling that you have arrived, this is when you are
just beginning, so I want to urge you to continue working hard,” he said.
Lt Gen Solochi further said sports had become profitable, a source of livelihood or
employment and should therefore be taken seriously.

He went on to elevate Samukonga from the rank of corporal to that of sergeant as a
way of appreciating and encouraging him to work extra hard.
The ZNS Commander also converted boxer Patrick Chinyemba and Judoka Stephen
Mung’andu into private soldiers awaiting training.
He relived his time as a runner and commended Samukonga for not only putting the
Zambian but ZNS flag on the map as well.
Lt Gen Solochi encouraged Samukonga to keep away from women and alcohol and
not to look at ZNS as his ultimate end but to continue souring high.

“This is wonderful. Our sponsorship is not in vain, but you ensure that you keep
yourself away from women and alcohol. You also ensure that ZNS is not made to be
your ultimate end; develop your talent beyond ZNS.
As Command, we shall support you. We don’t want people who just come to look for
employment, then they get married and start having children; they forget what they
came for,” he said.

And speaking earlier when he presented the sportsmen, ZNS Chief of Sports
Colonel Lasky Kafula said he was unveiling ZNS sponsored sportsmen and a
woman who had just returned from commonwealth games in Birmingham, England
where they effectively represented the nation.
“These were the country’s ambassadors at the recently held common wealth games
in Birmingham, England. Zambia national service is proud of the spirited fight that
the athletes put up at the competition”, he said.

Colonel Kafula went on to thank the even the three sportsmen and a woman who
had not managed to mint any medal for putting up a spirited fight which saw them go
all the way to the semi-finals.
He urged other sports men and women to take a leaf from the splendid performance
of the duo in order to mint the nation the highly converted medals at future sports

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