Youth Skill Training

What We Do

Equipping Youths With Life Skills

Zambia National Service, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts, is mandated to run skills training programs aimed at empowering vulnerable and unskilled youths with life-sustaining skills. The youths are trained in such skills as: general agriculture, carpentry and joinery, automotive mechanics, bricklaying and plastering, shoe making, catering, tailoring and designing, plumbing and sheet metal etc.

The courses are programmed to run for a period of 18 months at skills training schools.

Through internally generated funds and Government supplementary support, the Service has constructed an additional Youth Skills Training Centre at ZNS Kasama to add to the two as a contribution towards the empowerment of the Zambian Youth and the subsequent provision of alternative employment opportunities to them.

Skills Offered


Youths being imparted with skills in food production.

Tailoring & Designing

A tailoring and design trainee youth engaged in the practical aspect of the course.

Shoe Making

Youths being trained in shoe making .

Bricklaying And Plastering

Youths learning bricklaying and plastering.

ZNS equally envisions building on present achievements in the area of youth empowerment by working on up-scaling the youth skills training program.

Automotive Mechanics

Youths training in automotive mechanics.

General Agriculture

Youths are skilled in general agriculture which includes horticultural production.

Carpentry And Joinery

Assorted wood products being manufactured by student youths under the ZNS youth skills program.


Youths learning about fish farming.


Youths are also taught entrepreneurship under the program.


Youths are equipped with plumbing and sheet metal making skills.