Sport & Culture

Our Sucess With Sport

In 2020, its premier league sponsored side and Choma-based outfit, Green Eagles Football Club, finished a record breaking fourth on the MTN Super Division table and went on to represent the country in the Total African Confederation's Cup where it acquitted itself well in that maiden continental footfall appearance by going past the preliminary round and only lost the first round by a slender margin.

This season the team has built on that performance by winning stream B thereby getting the ticket to representing the Country in the CAF Champions League in which it has already eliminated the much fancied South African outfit, Orlando Pirates

ZNS Sports Activities

ZNS sponsors teams performing in various leagues of the various sports disciplines in the country. The sports men and women have also represented the nation at regional, continental and global competitions, minting a number of medals. I

Women's Sport

Our Green Lables Music Band

Green Labels Band is a Zambia National Service sponsored musical outfit that has been in existence for over twenty years now. The Band gives musical treats to music lovers at different fora. Songs composed are normally aimed at sensitizing the general public on various social ills while at the same time help to share a variety of rich cultural endowments the nation is blessed with.

Our Culture Theatre

The Zambia National Service also promotes culture by maintaining a cultural troupe and a theatre club which put up cultural and dramatized performances in military Units and civil communities enlightening the public on the various social and health issues. The Cultural Troupe does also perform at international fora