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A Force of National Development

          The Zambia National Service Health Services Branch has the role of providing Preventive, Curative, Promotive and Rehabilitative healthcare services to Service personnel, their families, Civilian staff and the civilian communities that live in the catchment areas serviced by the cantonment. The Branch has thirty two health facilities distributed across the Ten provinces of Zambia, broken down as follows; Twenty-eight(28) Health Centers and Four (04)health posts.

Our Services

All Your Needs at One Place

In- patient and Out- Patient Services

All Zambia National Service Health Facilities Provides Both In-Patient And Out-Patient Services.

Public Health services

Public health is the service of Protecting the Safety and improving the health care of the community through education, policy making and research for disease prevention

Maternal and Child Health

Focus on health issues concerning women, children and families, such as access to recommended prenatal and child care.

Laboratory Services

Zambia National Service Facilities Provide Laboratory Services Such As Blood Count, Virological Tests And Other Different Type Of Lab Tests.

HIV and AIDS activities

Zambia National Service Health Facilities Provides HIV/AIDS Services Which Include, Testing Of HIV And In Care To Care If Tested HIV Positive

Dental Services

Preventing, evaluating, diagnosing and treating Diseases of the oral cavity as well as maintaining the function and appearance of teeth

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Simply reserve a time slot, walk in at the appointed time and get prioritized treatments at no extra cost.
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More Experience

Every year, more than a million people come to ZNS Managed Clinics for care. Our highly specialized experts are deeply experienced in treating rare and complex conditions.

Seamless Care

Every aspect of your care is coordinated and teams of experts work together to provide exactly the care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often done in days here.

Unparalleled Expertise

 Zambia National Service Managed Clinics and Health posts  is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the  nation.

The Right Answers

Getting effective treatment depends identifying the right problem. 88 percent of patients who came to ZNS Clinics for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis.

Quick response and friendly staff

Our staff will attend to patients quickly and on time

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